Days 6 & 7 – Lessons in Flavor

9 Jan


Song of the Post – DIET MTN DEW by Lana Del Rey

Let me introduce you to my best friends in the kitchen – curry spices.  Ground cumin seeds and turmeric add gorgeous flavor to lentils, soups and rice dishes.  Straight up curry power is another big hitter spice in my repertoire.  I can’t get enough!

“Golden Turmeric does double duty in the kitchen, adding both glorious color and heady flavor to a vast array of dishes. Turmeric is a cousin to ginger root, which accounts for its assertive character.” -Excerpt from Spice Island description

Wow. That’s poetry.


They might as well be my children.


You know what else I have a cooking love affair with?  Garlic.  Minced, crushed,or  roasted, this flavorful product is a wonderful addition to all sorts of meals.  If a recipe calls for 3 cloves of garlic, you can bet I’m adding 6.  Here’s an excellent video I found to help with the sticky peeling process.


Team Veggie has another dinner planned for this week – stay tuned for delicious recipes!




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