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Day 15 – Birthday Time!

22 Jan


Song of the Post – Head over Heels by Tears for Fears

Hey y’all! Yesterday was my birthday, so obviously I didn’t cook anything! I did, however, eat some delicious Ethiopian food (vegetarian combo plate, yes please) and I’d like to share with you how excellent it was.

For my vegan-friendly birthday dinner Nikki suggested Queen of Sheba, and I was immediately on board!  If you haven’t tried Ethiopian, I highly recommend going for the food and the experience.  They serve each dish with injera bread, which looks kind of like a fluffy pancake.  Then, you scoop up bites of meat and veggies with pieces of the bread.  Who doesn’t love eating with their hands every once and a while?

Queen of Sheba, located in the Flour Mill near downtown Spokane.  This place is amazing!  Also, the wait staff is very helpful when deciding what to order.  Just tell them what you feel like having, beef, poultry or vegetables, and they’ll let you know which dishes to pick.

Here are a few fun photos from the evening.  Side note: best birthday ever!  We had a party, my friends’ band played and covered a Tears for Fears song for me.  YAY!




Chocolate flower! Mmmmmm.